Emerging Issues on the New Procurement Law 2011 and its Implementations: GM's Presentation at STB Interactive Seminar on July 16, 2013.

Posted: 26th Jul 2013


Emerging Issues on the New Procurement Law 2011 and its Implementations:

(Presented By Engr Akin Onimole- GM/CEO, Public Procurement Agency | July 16, 2013)


Background Information

  • The Lagos State Public Procurement Law 2011 was passed by the LSHA and assented to by H.E Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola in October 21, 2011;
  • By the provision of the Law the Public Procurement Agency (PPA) was created in April 2, 2012 as an independent regulatory body to ensure compliance with the Law
  • The Activities of the Agency are to be administered by a Board

Some Functions & Powers of PPA

  • Formulate the general policies and guidelines relating to public sector procurement and supervise the implementation of such policies;
  • Publish paper and electronics editions of the State Procurement Journal and publish the details of major contracts in the Journal
  • Maintain a database of contractors and service providers and prescribe classifications and categorizations for the companies on the register
  • Call for information, documents, records and reports in respect of any aspect of any procurement proceeding where a breach, wrongdoing, default, mismanagement or collusion has been alleged, reported or proved against a procuring entity or service provider;
  • Blacklist or ban any supplier, contractor or consultant that contravenes any provision of this Law and Regulations made pursuant to this Law
  • (Full implementation of Law to commence in Jan, 2014)

Procurement Implementation

  • Default method of procurement is the Open Competitive Bidding
  • Invitation/Solicitation for Bids and Request for Expressions of Interests for all Contracts valued at N100Millon & above to be advertised in the Procurement Journal to be published by the PPA
  • Use of Standard Bidding Documents / Request for Proposal Documents with non-discriminatory specifications and pre-disclosed evaluation criteria
  • Public Bid Opening and award of Contract to the lowest cost evaluated and qualified bid amongst those that meet qualification criteria
  • All contracts shall contain warranties for durability of goods, exercise of requisite skills in service provision and use of genuine materials and inputs
  • A complaints mechanism will make provisions for investigations and liable action against those involved in malpractice

PPA’s Activities to date

  • Sensitization of all internal and external stakeholders
  • Establishment of Procurement Offices in all MDAs
  • Training of Procurement Officers
  • Publication of the Procurement Journal and creation of the Agency’s website (www.lagosppa.gov.ng) as the primary source of information for all procurement matters and opportunities within the purview of the Law and Regulations issued under the Law
  • Development of Manuals, Regulations, Bidding Documents and Request for Proposal Documents which have been uploaded into the Agency’s website



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